Mothers Day

Mother's Day Buffet

This Mother's Day Buffet will be slightly different from all of our others. Let me explain. This is not a familiar situation for me- I am usually on the donating end of things. But, I find myself in the unique, "hope no one else will ever be in this kind of," desperate situation.
My sister, Catherine Warholak, aka "Boo", needs a double lung transplant.
Now, don't get me wrong, "she is a pain in my neck." She has been for the past 50 years. But I've kinda gotten used to her being around.
She has been to Duke for her initial evaluation. We met with social work, dietetics, psychology, financial counselors, and physicians. Everyone had their input and requirements that had to be done to make this opportunity even a possibility. Her lungs are "bad" enough. She has a caregiver. She is doing all of the preliminary tests through IU, as we speak.
The challenge, other than keeping her from having an exacerbation or infection of any kind, is funding. The financial counselor suggested she come home and start fundraising. This brings me to my ask: We will have a raffle available at the Mother's Day buffet. I am trying to acquire some really cool stuff.
Please stay in touch for further information for fundraising events. Also, watch Facebook for "Boo's Breath" with a link for a health account crowdfunding opportunity. As always, I look forward to seeing everyone at the buffet. -Jeanette